NFT Collections

As an NFT collector, you are a part of a growing community of individuals who are passionate about art, technology, and investing. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain and provide proof of ownership and authenticity. By collecting NFTs, you are not only supporting the artists and creators behind the artwork, but you are also participating in a new and innovative way of collecting and trading valuable digital assets.

Virtual Farmlands

"Virtual Farmlands" is a unique and exclusive NFT art collection that features stunning and serene depictions of different farmlands.

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Robotics Squared

"Robotics Squared: Where Robots Get Artsy" is a collection of NFTs that proves robots have a sense of humor!

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Crazed Cats

The "Cult of the Crazed Cats" NFT collection is a celebration of the most unapologetically wild and unpredictable of our feline friends.

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Dali's Skulls

I​nspired by Salvador Dali's iconic skull motif, this collection features one-of-a-kind digital art pieces depicting various interpretations of the skull theme. 

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Fat Cat in a Hat

They say that the hat makes the man, but in this case, it was the cat. These were no ordinary cats - they were obese housecats who loved to sport all sorts of hats.

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Nerdy Gorilla

The Nerdy Gorilla’s monthly Chess Club is the best opportunity to test your wits and skills against members of our community

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