Why I create art through artificial intelligence

In a world that is becoming increasingly driven by artificial intelligence, I find myself drawn to creating art through this medium. Most people may think that there is no need for artistic talent anymore. However, I believe that artificial intelligence can actually help to create even more beautiful works of art. 

Here’s why: with the help of AI, we can now create works of art that would otherwise be impossible to create with human hands alone. For example, we can now create realistic 3D images and videos that look just like real life. We can also create abstract works of art that explore the possibilities of what our world could look like in the future.

Secondly, AI can help us to better understand and appreciate art. By analyzing data from past works of art, AI can help us to see patterns and connections that we might not have been able to see before. There is something about the way that AI can create objects, colors and shapes that feel very organic and natural to me.

Lastly, I enjoy the challenge of working with AI to create something that is truly unique.

I have found my niche. I love the idea of using computers to create art. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me. I was never the best at art in school but I know that I have it in me. Now, I create art through artificial intelligence and I love it. It allows me to be creative in ways that I never thought possible. 

In conclusion, I believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way we create art. With this technology we can create more realistic and compelling images that can be used to convey emotion and tell stories that is more expressive and personal. We can also create art that is more accessible to people with disabilities. I believe that artificial intelligence will help us to create a more inclusive and diverse world of art.